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All the "How to Photograph" series (7 books)
All the "Inspiration" series (5 books)
All the "Posing" series (3 books)
All the "Rest" (4 books)


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1,000+ Fashion Poses: A Complete Reference Book for Photographers (PDF)

How to pose fashion clothing for better images, better pay and creative inspiration
The guide covers clothes from suits to swimwear and styles from casual to elegant. Each type of clothing and style is illustrated with full colour photographs. Altogether there are over 1,000 different poses suitable for any type of clothing or context.
After studying this guide you will be able to confidently pose models and members of the public to great poses. You will be more professional and make the most of your time during any shoot.
Are you stuck for inspiration?
Are you not quite sure how to show off an item of clothing?
Do you need to show a client a pose?
This guide will show you over 1,000 poses which you can copy, or use as a springboard for new poses.
300 Pages and over 1,000 photographs and illustrations.
This book is regularly in the top ten photographic reference books on amazon and was a number 1 best seller when launched.


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600+ Nude Poses: A Complete Reference Book for Photographers, Models and Artists (PDF)

How to pose nude models with effective flow-posing to get the best from your model and your shooting time.
This guide has over 600 nude posed photos. A complete guide to posing when standing, sitting or lying. How to handle hands, face posing and much more.
You will see how to "flow-pose" to make the most of your time and model.
You will understand how to avoid common pitfalls in nude photography.
You will build a pool of images you can build from and be inspired.
You can show models, especially amateur and beginner models, pose ideas to improve their confidence.


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